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The Team - Coordinating Centre and Site Investigators


University of Ottawa Heart Institute – Coordinating and Data Centre

Rob Beanlands, MD and Nominated PI
George A. Wells, PhD (Research and Methods)
Lisa Mielniczuk, MD (Project IA co-lead)
Kwan Chan, MD (Site PI Project IB)
Ben Chow, MD (Project IC lead)
Rob deKemp, PhD (Standardization Lead)
Rob Beanlands, MD (Core Lab Director)
David Birnie, MD (Project 2A co-lead)
Doug Coyle, PhD (Cost Analysis)

Montreal Heart Institute

Jean-Claude Tardif,MD
Eileen O’Meara, MD (Project co-lead IA)
Matthias Friedrich, MD
Jean Rouleau, MD
Francois Marcotte, MD
Normand Racine, MD
Hung Q Ly, MD

University of Alberta

Ian Paterson, MD (Project lead IB)
Justin Ezekowitz, MD
Lucille Lalonde, MD

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Graham Wright, MD
Kim Connelly, MD
Charles Cunningham, PhD
Robert Myers, MD

Université Laval

Eric Larose, MD
Philippe Pibarot, MD PhD
Bernard Cantin, MD

London Health Sciences Centre

Malcolm Arnold, MD
Gerald Wisenberg, MD
Frank Prato, PhD (Project co-lead Level III Projects)
Ting Lee

University of Calgary

Andrew Howarth, MD
James White, MD (Project 2A co-lead) (formerly London Health Sciences Centre)
Todd Anderson, MD
Stuart Hutchison, MD
Sarah Weeks, MD

St. Michael’s Hospital

Michael Freeman, MD
Howard Leong-Poi, MD
Kim Connelly, MD
Gordon Moe, MD
Abdul Al-Hesayen, MD


Éric Turcotte, MD
Serge Lepage, MD
Paul Farand, MD

McMaster University

Karen Gulenchyn, MD
Vikas Tandon, MD


Miroslaw Rajda, MD
Robbie Stewart, MD
James Clarke, MD
Steven Burrell, MD
Brian Clarke, MD


Jonathan Leipsic, MD
Marla Kiess, MD


James Tan, MD
Malek Kass, MD
Angie Munoz, MD


University of Turku

Juhani Knuuti, MD
Heikki Ukkonen, MD
Seppo Yla-Herttuala, MD
Hanna Leskinen, MD

University of Kuopio

Juha Hartikainen, MD
Satu Karkkainen, MD


Mika Laine, MD

United States

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston MA

Marcelo DiCarli, MD

South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Roxana Campisi,MD

Rosario, Argentina (Pending)

Maria Cecilia Ziadi,MD

Curitiba, Brazil

Rodrigo Cerci,MD
Joao Vitola,MD